Broodmare checklist

Owners planning to transport their broodmares to Blue Gum Farm for the breeding season can provide some valuable information before their mares’ arrival that will speed her progress into the farm’s wider horse population.

The most crucial details needed are the dates of last vaccinations for tetanus and strangles, last drench and last hoof trim.

Traditionally clients have been requested to supply the mare's document of description (or passport), which aside from identifying the mare was later signed by the Studmaster to confirm that the mare was covered on a particular date by a particular stallion. With the advent of the Stud Book website this practice has been superseeded with much of a mares identification being done on-line.

Traveling a mare which is due to foal is an important consideration. Ideally the mare should arrive at Blue Gum Farm at least 30 days prior to her expected foaling date.

In regards veterinary accounts, world leading equine reproduction specialist, Dr. Angus McKinnon, peforms all reproductive work on site at Blue Gum Farm and bills his services directly from the Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital. As such there is no double handling of veterinary bills.

If you have any questions or wish to visit Blue Gum Farm to view the stallions, your mare and foal and the facilities, please don’t hesitate to contact the office during business hours to arrange a suitable time for your visit.