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(Ian Horwood - pictured above, our new Broodmare Manager)

In a terrific coup for Blue Gum Farm it can announce the recent arrival of new Broodmare Manager Ian Horwood for the 2011 Breeding Season. Ian has settled in extremely well to life at Blue Gum since arriving in June this year. Ian's enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge and expertise are invaluable to a farm such as Blue Gum and his input around the farm in the first two months has already been widely noticed

Over a period of some 38 years Ian has a CV with numerous highlights:

- Began under the tutelage of Les Irwin at Narrung Stud and during his time there Ian got the bug for racing

- It was this bug that saw Ian becomg the travelling foreman for John Hawkes, then at his original base of Morphetville

- His passion for racing continued to develop and saw Ian train successfully in his own right at Morphetville.

- It was during this period that Ian began to take notice of the feats of C.S Hayes and as such Ian was fortunate enough to gain the position of Stud Foreman at Lindsay Park

- After 4 years as foreman on the stud side looking after Stallions such as Without Fear and Godswalk, Ian was transferred to the racing arm of the business and was an integral part in the successful race careers of Rory's Jester, At Talaq, Jeune, Water Boatman,just to name a few

- Stud life beckoned again and thus took Ian to Riverdene Stud, Wagga where his experience was put to use in giving Riverdene immediate results

- After 7 years at Riverdene, C.S Hayes approached Ian with the exciting opportunity to develop Collingrove Stud for the Sangster and Hayes families, the rest as they say is history

- After 17 years and a long list of achievements at Collingrove, Ian decided he would give back to the industry by passing on his skills and knowledge to the students at the National Centre for Equine Education

As you can see its an envious CV and we at Blue Gum are delighted to have a person of Ian's calibre on board.