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Compatibility of stallions from one male line with mares from other sire lines has shaped the breed and is what we refer to as nicks. Such nicks over time evolve and shape the future development of the thoroughbred.

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting with Ian Tapp of TrueNicks. Ian demonstrated to us the TrueNicks system, how it started, how it has evolved and gave us an insight into the program and its associated benefits for both Stallion proprietor but also broodmare owners.

We were suitably impressed with TrueNicks, its practicality and ease of use and as such we are trialling the product to be used for our current Stallion band of Elvstroem, Churchill Downs, Astronomer Royal and Turffontein. It comes with our highest recommendation that you go the website below and start running the associated reports for your prized broodmares so that come 2011 breeding season you will have as much information regarding your prospective matings.