And we thought Canford Cliffs was happiest on the racetrack!

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Not only was Canford Cliffs a Champion on the race track, but he is also a Champion in the breeding Shed. 85% of the mares covered and tested are holding pregnancies. Stallion Man at Blue Gum Farm Jake Phillips commented that “he loves his work and he is obviously very good at it.” He continued “He is the ultimate professional in the breeding shed, just as he was on the racetrack.”

“Pregnancies are the name of the game here at Blue Gum. There are no yearlings without foals, and no foals without pregnancies. Canford Cliffs virility and fertility are a great bonus for breeders - less costs, less mares foaling later in the season and less mares missing all together. The added costs to breeders of mares missing are enormous and with a challenging market place, eliminating unnecessary cost is vital to all breeders. Canford Cliffs is making everyone smile, the mares and the breeders.” said Philip Campbell.

A great looking horse, Canford Cliffs won 5 consecutive Group 1’s at 3 and 4 all at a mile taking on all comers. He was named the Champion 3yo Miler of England and Ireland in 2010 and the World Champion Older Miler in 2011.